Saturday, May 7, 2011

More then a women, A Mother!

The greatest and most important influence in a young persons life is the Mother! How much we are all indebted to our Mothers, and the love they have shown to us as we grew. From the day we first opened our eyes to the fist step we took they were always their to guide. I look back on my life and see one constant roll of a charitable Mother. I am so grateful for the dedication, and respect of women who truly devote themselves to raising the youth of today. At the beginning of any great nation there is always faithful, and valiant mothers who cared in raising their children. So where would our world be if we didn't have the divine roll of mothers? Nations would fall, Society would vanish, and the world as we know it would cease to be. How grateful we are for the mothers of the world, and I am constantly amazed that everyone has a mother weather you love them at this moment or not. You have a mother. Even with one as key as Jesus Christ there was a mother. The Scriptures talk about her as being a precious, and chosen vessel. (Alma 7:10) I pray that this mothers day we will show the proper, and needed respect for our Mothers. We are a reflection of them, and I pray that we will honor, and respect them, and their charity toward us. There is a Story that I love it speaks of a young man that truly learned to honor his mother. The story goes something like this. "A famed officer from the Civil War period, Colonel Higginson, when asked to name the incident of the Civil War that he considered the most remarkable for bravery, said that there was in his regiment a man whom everybody liked, a man who was brave and noble, who was pure in his daily life, absolutely free from dissipations in which most of the other men indulged.
One night at a champagne supper, when many were becoming intoxicated, someone in jest called for a toast from this young man. Colonel Higginson said that he arose, pale but with perfect self-control, and declared: “Gentlemen, I will give you a toast which you may drink as you will, but which I will drink in water. The toast that I have to give is, ‘Our Mothers.’” (Behold Thy Mother) What respect the young man had for his mothers and the effect it had on the men he served with. I pray that others can see in me the respect I have for my mother, and see that I honor my Mom. The best way to show your love for the ones you love is to honor them. Thank You Mom for all that you have given me! I know I am who I am today because of you. I know that my family can be together forever, and I know it is only because of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and because my mother was so willing to be faithful to raising up my family in the Gospel. Families are supposed to be together, and with out you amazing mothers it wouldn't be possible.

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  1. Thank you for this tribute to your Mother and all valiant mothers in the world! I don't know where I would be without my mother and I hope to be that for my children!