Saturday, April 30, 2011

Skies and Signals!

I'm not sure, but how many of you get the chance to go outside, and look up at the night sky? I had the great opportunity to look up at the stars last night, and only because we couldn't get cell phone service in our apartment. So to the outside we went on a search for a signal! I learned two things from this wonderful event; The first you almost always miss all the wonders around you, and second are we willing to find god when we lose service. Yes its funny how God can tell you things when you aren't even looking for answers. When we were sitting outside (and yes I felt like I was eight years old laying on the grass) a wonderful scripture came into my mind "All things denote there is a God" Alma 30:44. I know that scripture is true, and it was made known unto me only by looking into the vaulted heavens. If you get the chance go outside, and simply look up. Once you look up I know you will see one of the most beautiful paintings ever painted, but you can't help to feel that your Father created all of it for you. As for the second "Epiphany" it had to deal with simply finding service in our Yard. I can't imagine what the neighbors were thinking as they saw two young adults running around the yard holding a phone to the air. Yes it was most definitely a sight for sore eyes. As we were running around looking like chickens with our heads cut off I thought, are we willing to do the same for the Lord? As soon as we lost connection would we start running around looking for him? I hope my answer would be; Most Definitely, but sadly we lose signal and don't even realize it. I believe our "cell signal" with God is Faith, and when our faith gets low our signal with Heavenly Father drops. But as our faith gets stronger our way is made more clear, and we can truly find the path that leads to happiness. There is a great story that relates this exact point. As the family of Lehi was traveling in the wilderness towards the promised land they were given an instrument called the Liahona (compass), or as we are going to refer to it as a"cell phone signal". As the family went along the device pointed the way, but as they sinned or disbelieved (lost faith) the Liahona did not direct their path. They would lose their cell signal, and could not reconnect. It was only after they repented and gained their faith that the Liahona reconnected, and pointed the way.(see Alma 37:38-42) How fast are we to reconnect and find service? I know that our Father is always sending out signals, but are we willing to stand in the receiving areas? How grateful I am that the Lord is willing to guide our paths, and light our way. He is always around us, we are part of his miraculous creation. This earth is his masterpiece, and I am grateful I was able to take the time, and look into the night sky. Just Look Up!!!

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