Friday, August 5, 2011

Play the Game!

I'm not sure how many of you know, but I really don't, and can't play the wonderful game of Basketball. But however much I can't, or don't play this game that seems to change when you go on a mission. Every Monday of the week  missionaries have the great opportunity to have what we call Preparation Day or "P-Day" It is a day set apart to do all the tasks around the house such as cleaning, and more cleaning. We also are able to go and enjoy ourselves with activity such as the Museums, Zoos, Basketball, Frisbee, and other sports. It is a time to unwind and relax. However while I was having the great opportunity to play a game of Basketball (being humiliated as I attempted to shoot that ridiculous ball into a net above me) I noticed a key element to how I played the game. While I was enjoying myself and having a good time just playing, and not worrying about what others were thinking I started to enjoy myself and get lost in the game. (This however does not mean that I like Basketball in any way shape or form. Just so you know!) It just means that if we stop worrying about everything going on, and just enjoy the moment things seem lighter, more enjoyable. I have the same feelings when it comes to life. I don't always want to play the game of life, far to often I find myself looking to see what others think and worrying about everything going on around me. Its really shocking that when we take the time to step back from the busy world, and look at what the lord has truly given us things start to look up. We begin to see that we aren't worrying so much on what people think, but what our father in Heaven thinks. We begin to see that there is a much larger picture of why we are here, and what we can do to have more happiness. I know that in my life things started to look up when I start following the rules (Even with Basketball) it goes more smoothly when you follow the rules, and I felt more protected. I learned that the Rules and Commandments of God are there to protect us and give us safety for the soul. I believe that the commandments are like a fence on a mountain side. The fence is only there to protect us and keep us from danger, but most of us only think it is restraining us, and keeping us from doing what we want. I am grateful for the commandments which keep me from falling off the edge, and I know that I get so many blessings from following the Commandments. The Lord even promises us that as we keep his commandments he will prosper us, and bless us (Mosiah 2:22). How grateful I am for the blessings of the commandments, and the opportunity I have to live here on the earth at this time. We are truly blessed to have so many beautiful things that remind us that God lives and he loves us. I am so grateful for our Lord and our Savior and I know that he lives. So stop worrying and start looking! Life is far to short to play a game where your not having fun! God Loves us and he sent us here that we might have joy and not world joy, but eternal Joy! (2 Nephi 2:25) Just Play the Game!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Finding the Light Ahead

Driving cars has always been a fun, and exciting thing for me. Ever since I was little I always wanted to be old enough to drive, but if you ask my parents they would tell you that I have a lead foot, and need to learn to brake, and slow down. Well luckily on a mission we serve God, and not man so our views on the world change. Most learn to be a little cautious because this is the Lords work, and we are driving essentially the Lords car. So imagine this in your mind you get the opportunity to drive Gods car, and then try to not feel a little pressured to drive safe! To make matters more lovely, while we were driving back to Georgia from Jacksonville Florida we hit a small patch of rain. And if you have ever driven in the rainy country its not just rain its RAIN!!! It was like diving through a waterfall, and we could hardly see anything. So excreting all my effort to concentrate I started searching for the car in front of us. I was starting to worry when I saw two flashing red lights ahead of me. What unfolded before me was amazing, I looked around me and realized that everyone had turned on their hazards so that they could see the person in front of them. Thus warning the person behind them. I quickly turned on my Hazards so that I could help the person behind me. I had never experienced anything like this before, and I was very excited to learn something new. So as we continued on our journey in the rain I searched earnestly for the flashing lights in front of me. Every time I saw the lights I could judge how far away they were, and where I was so that I could stay on course. While I was driving through the storm I realized that this reminded me of our journey to the Lord. We are all searching and moving towards the savior, but sometimes it is so hard to see him. Lucky for us we can always see the flashing light of the spirit leading us on. I also realized that everyone around me was driving in the same storm, some were driving faster and some slower. Some were having problems seeing in the rain, while others had abandoned the course and pulled off to the side of the road. It was amazing to see how everyone dealt with the situation differently, here I was a young 20 year old so excited about our situation, and the new trick I learned about driving through a rain storm. While on the other hand there was others that were griping the wheel for dear life. The Lord is always inviting all of us to come unto him and he will recive us. It reads in Matthew 11:28  "Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." At first I counldn't see the end of the road while I was driving, but I always new that I was going the right way, and the end was infront of me. When Christ invites us to come unto him we are always progressing towards everlasting life. The storms may be hard, but we are never alone!
No matter how hard it gets Look to the Light!