Friday, April 29, 2011

A Trip to the Dentist and a Hope for Perfection!

Well I must apologize for not posting for the past few days. It always seems like one minute you are on top of the world, and the next your to busy to remember your name. But no fear I am living, and the next day always comes regardless of how hard the last day was or challenging. I'm not sure if any of you have wonderd if any of the young men walking down your street with the name tags, the white shirts, and dark slacks have no problems. All they do all day is knock doors, and talk to people about Jesus Christ, and the Church. But unknown to many we still have our everyday challenges. For example how hot the shower water is going to be in the morning. When do I need to get a hair cut, how long can I go until I absolutely need to wash my Laundry (yes on a mission you still have all of the small trivial task to do). So one of the small and annoying things is the health of the Body, sadly the lord did not make us invincible when we placed that accepted the call, and left our homes. We still get sick, and we still need to treat or bodies with the up most respect as the Lord said your body is a temple see (John 2:21). Sadly I made the mistake of not treating my teeth with a Prophetic Warning. Let me translate in a more simple term, I didn't brush and floss as my "wise and Learned" Dentist had directed me to do. So as everyone that has as much metal in their teeth as I have, will most likely be able to relate to the following event. While serving on this great two year adventure I woke up with a very sharp pain in one of my back teeth. Long story short it turned into a very painful event, and I had the great opportunity to have a Root Canal. In the Long run I learned two very Important things. First always listen to your parents, and take great head to their advice. Second I cannot wait for the time when our bodies will be reunited with our spirits, and we shall have perfected bodies (I will for once have the great joy of having no fillings or crowns.) see Alma 40:23.  I am so grateful for my knowledge that the Lord has provided a perfect plan for all of us. I know it is only through the gospel of Christ that we can all one day live with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and truly have peace both Spiritually and Physically (I cant wait for the day!!!!). Well there is another day coming tomorrow, and a new challnge to over come, but I know we can overcome.

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